Summer color mix wedding car decoration

My previous blog said I planed to make a non-red car decoration, here it is 😀


Actually it is ordered by an existing customer Yuki who ordered bouquet/corsages/wedding car decoration from our shop for her own wedding, and now she ordered this colorful wedding car decoration for her good friend as gift. Since Yuki hasn’t gave me the soft toy rabbit yet, I put silk flower on to cover the empty space to make it complete.

She told me her friend like tulips and prefer a warmth but fresh color tone, so i pick the big orange tulips and feather with little yellow orchid.  I sent the photo to Yuki and glad that she said her friend lov it so much! Actually I love it too! You can feel the happiness from the combination of the color.

what’s your favourite color combination? show me or drop me a line! I’ll try to make ilne if time permit 😀

Instangram: RitzyDay




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