Post Merry Xmas Greeting :P

Hi everybody, merry Xmas !!! ( I know it’s kind of late XD) what did you do for your Xmas? Although I didn’t update much during the Xmas holiday, I was quite busy for my silk flower job (photos coming soon) and preparation for other new attempts 🙂

I decided to make wedding hair accessories and bought a lot of beautiful ribbon long time ago, however tailor made orders followed one by one and I can’t squeeze a sec to do it……after I moved home and all the materials are well arranged in the drawers, plus Xmas holiday, I made the first 3 tester.

Because they are designed for little girls so the size is smaller and less complicated. Just a simple knot and composition with cute charm.

All of them was equipped with a clip at the back, you can clip it directly on hair or clip it on a headband so that you can have different style 🙂

Here is the pic! Can you tell me your thought? Such as color or the style you like?



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