New Year Big shopping in Chicago

It’s so exciting to start 2015 in Chicago with long friends who I didn’t meet for ages❤️❤️❤️ Happy new year !!!


Photo is a bit blur coz we drunk before 2015 arrived 😂

How to celebrate the first day of 2015? SHOPPING of coz!!! 👍

We drives to the outlet near by and there was doing crazy sale, most of the discounted items (already 40%-60%off )have further discount! Wow!!!!

I bought some vascular clothing from Gap, a jacket from Kenneth Cole, a Kate Spade hand bag and a Staub cooking wear😬



And all of them average 50% discount from original price! I used up all my money at one place, now I have to survive with my credit card for the next two days😅 but I’m sure I haven’t finish my shopping yet.

To cover the expend here, I have to be more hard working on my little handcraft job!! I need the support from you guys!! Yea!


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