Feel frustured….sometimes

Sometimes I feel a bit frustrate because of customer non sense enquiries, sorry to say so but some of the ladies are really rude to me although sometimes we jus communicate through email or whatsapp only😔

For example, I posted a new silk flower bouquet for sell, I always states my little online shop sell silk flower products ONLY, and a lady called me for enquiry
“Did u photoshop?”

“We didn’t photoshop on this photo, we use iPhone to take the photo. And some of our photos did because we need to adjust the color and light back to be more original as the real product”

“So that mean the real one not as beautiful as the photo showing to me”

“We try to keep the photo quality and color showing the most original status of our products, and so far all of our customers agreed us after received the products.”

“That’s not fresh flower, right?”

Well….of coz that’s not fresh flower, I wonder why raise up such a question😅 after the enquiries I made a bouquet as below to show our very real silk flower bouquet:

Anyway, most of these customers will not place any order and I’m really appreciate they give me up🙊


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